Four Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

Spaying refers to removing the sex organs of your female dog or cat, while neutering is the procedure done for male animals. There are many good reasons to have the procedure done before your pet reaches sexual maturity.

1. No Unwanted Litters

The main reason to spay or neuter your pet is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters. Pregnancy and birth can be stressful on the health of your dog or cat, and there is always the risk of complications. Further, there is then the need to care for the young until they are old enough to rehome. Rehoming can also be a challenge if your pet is not purebred or a desired breed. 

2. Reduced Cancer Risks

Certain types of cancer are more likely to affect pets that haven't been spayed or neutered. Female cats, for example, are more likely to develop mammary cancer if they aren't spayed as kittens. Various cancers also affect unspayed female dogs in greater numbers compared to those that are spayed. Male dogs that are intact are more likely to develop testicular cancer, a risk that simply doesn't exist if the dog has been fixed. Overall health is generally better for spayed and neutered pets compared to those that do not undergo the procedures.

3. Fewer Behavioral Problems

Certain types of behavior are more likely to be a problem if the pet isn't spayed or neutered. One common issue is with male cats. They are more likely to urine mark, also known as spraying, if they aren't neutered. This behavior is difficult to stop once it has begun, so it is best to neuter male cats when they are young and before they begin to adopt the behavior during puberty. Fixing and spaying your dog or cat can also lessen or completely alleviate certain aggressive behaviors, as well. This means you will have a happier pet and a more peaceful home. 

4. Fewer Heat Concerns

Heat in female pets can be annoying at best. Cats are especially bothersome, as they will be wailing loudly and at all hours. Heat repeats every six weeks or so in cats, so the behavior is not a once-and-done nuisance. Female dogs go into heat once or twice a year. They will menstruate and urinate during heat, which results in a mess if you don't use special diapers on your dog. Spaying your pet is much more preferable than managing the behaviors that come with a heat cycle.

Contact your vet to learn more about spaying or neutering your pet.